4 Ways to Create Social Media Buzz for Your Brand

June 18, 2017

Many businesses make the mistake of focusing on trying to get a large numbers of fans and followers – fast and by any means necessary. But the fact is that “quality” is much more important than quantity when it comes to building a responsive, loyal social following.

Getting people excited about your business can be a great way to drive new sales, whether online or offline. Social media makes it easy to establish and strengthen relationships through innovative engagement tactics.

Here are some ways to create social buzz surrounding your business without coming across as pushy and salesy:

1. Hold Contests

A proven way to start building buzz for your business is hold contests where you give away prizes of significant worth and value; preferably prizes that are related to your business or industry. Tell people that they have to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites in order to be entered into the drawing for your contests. When the contests are over, have the winners post pictures of them receiving their prizes; this way, you can show future contestants that your contests and prizes are legitimate, which will drive even better results.

2. Stay on Top of Trending Industry Topics

Social media is the place where your target audience goes to stay on top of the latest trending topics and news. Keeping your eyes open to the trending topics in your industry is a great way to leverage that momentum, engage your audience, and create buzz. Just be careful; keep it professional and choose topics wisely because, otherwise, this could backfire and have a negative impact on your brand.

3. Promote Your Events

Social media is the perfect platform to display any significant company events, such as grand openings, special promotions, and new product launches. For instance, Facebook Events allows you to send personal invitations to your fans and keep track of their responses. You can also share photos and videos with everyone before, during, and after your event to create even more buzz.

4. Tell Everybody What You’re Doing on Social Media

Don’t limit your social buzz tactics to your social media accounts only; spread the word. For instance, tell customers at your establishment what you’re doing on social media. Send your email list a blast. Write a blog post about it. There are limitless ways to get the word out about your social activities.

Without a plan to engage and energize your social media following, your page could end up abandoned very quickly. However, by communicating often and staying focused on your audience, social media is a sure-fire way to grow your business.

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